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Furuno DRS4W Firstwatch Wifi Dome Only No Cable


Furuno DRS4W Firstwatch Wifi

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  • Furuno DRS4W Firstwatch Wifi Dome Only No Cable

    Model: DRS4WDOME

    • Watch Wireless Radar
    • Connect 2 iOS Devices Simultaneously - via High-Sensitivity Wireless Signal
    • Wireless LAN - Accessible From Your iOS Devices
    • 24 NM Maximum Range
    • 24 RPM Antenna Rotation Speed
    • Waterproof to IP26
    • Less Cables & More Flexibility
    • Extremely Economical Power Consumption
    • Simple Setup & Intuitive Operation - w/ User-Friendly & Free iOS App

    The Furuno DRS4W is a 19" Furuno's first watch wireless radar which let you do previously impossible things. With wireless LAN, you can bring the radar display whenever you go, even put it on the iPhone in your pocket. Since the display is untethered, you are free to roam the vessel while maintaining full situational awareness of your surroundings. It provides exceptionally simple setup and intuitive operation with user-friendly and free iOS App. No extra wiring is needed except the power source and has extremely economical power consumption.

    The DRS4W allows you to use two iOS devices simultaneously, via high-sensitivity wireless signal. This radar sensor features 4kW radar antenna having rotation speed of 24 rpm. It has user selectable range scale from 0.125 to 24 nm. Installation is simple with its compact and lightweight Radar antenna. Just mount it, plug in the power cord and you are done. This wireless radar is waterproof to IP26.

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