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MS-FR7022 7" Speakers w/ 3 Grilles


MS-FR7022 7" High Performance Speakers, MFG# 010-01849-00, 2 way marine speakers, 200 Watts, includes white, black, and grey spoke grilles to match any installation.

FUSION FR7022 7" Round 2-Way Speakers

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  • FUSION FR7022 7" Round 2-Way Speakers

    Quality Speakers for a First-Class Sound System

    FUSION's Marine Speakers are designed and engineered from the ground up to incorporate state of the art audio innovation never before seen in marine speakers. The 6" Marine Speakers come with three sets of grilles (black, white, or grey sport) to match most any installation.

    • Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and comply with International ASTM Standards for UV Stability and Salt/Fog Resistance.
    • Complies with IP65 Waterproof and Dust Standards and features a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with waterproof cone and surrounds
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